The Company


Founded in 1980, Metropolitan is based in Boston, Massachusetts and operates in select metropolitan markets across the country. Metropolitan offers a strategic and intentional combination of advantages that have sustained a track record of success and garnered a base of trusted and loyal investors and partners.


Deep experience gained over three generations of real estate investing means Metropolitan can confidently approach investment opportunities with hard-earned insight and innovative vision. Metropolitan identifies opportunities, accesses appropriate channels of capital, and applies its network of long-standing industry relationships to maximize the value of its investments.


Discipline Delivers

Metropolitan’s track record of success is built on a disciplined approach to identifying, developing, financing and managing real estate assets. From the inception of an investment, Metropolitan establishes the appropriate investment plan, institutes its proprietary management infrastructure, and continually focuses on an exit strategy to maximize its returns.

Seamless Integration

At Metropolitan we believe value creation springs directly from quality seamless integration of services focused on a singular goal to maximize investment value. Our full service operation ensures a smooth integration of all phases, from property identification and acquisition, property development or redevelopment, property management, and investment management.


Proven Performance

Metropolitan’s proven approach has resulted in an enviable record of returns for investors and partners, through all parts of the market cycle. For over 40 years, Metropolitan's singular focus on multi-family real-estate has developed a deep well of experience and established a solid reputation for operational excellence.

Real Estate Heritage

Metropolitan Properties was founded in 1980, but our heritage of real estate investment and management expertise goes back over 100 years and three generations. Throughout the Company’s history, Metropolitan has focused on forging long-term relationships with property owners, investors and financial institutions that are based on trust, integrity and proven performance.

From its first corporate headquarters in Brookline, Massachusetts, Metropolitan established its first property portfolio with the purchase and redevelopment of Centre Place in Newton, MA. From there, the Company expanded through strategic acquisitions in select markets in Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Illinois. Throughout this period, Metropolitan implemented its value-creation strategy across multiple geographic markets of opportunity, a strategy the Company still pursues today. In every market Metropolitan established a presence it soon set the standard for cost-efficient, service-oriented property management practices that help assure both resident satisfaction and attractive investment returns.

Today, Metropolitan is a cohesive firm with broad national exposure and a reputation for innovation and excellence. While Metropolitan continues to expand its portfolio of properties, the Company’s guiding principles have remained the same: insistence on quality, reliance on sound investment strategies, and a commitment to seeking out opportunities that require the solution of complex real estate problems.